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Verbatim Wireless USB Desktop 8-Button Deluxe Blue LED Mouse, Blue


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Wrls Dsktp LED Mice Blue


The Verbatim wireless 8-button mouse allows you to control navigation of your computer effortlessly. This deluxe blue LED desktop mouse can be used on virtually any surface. Back/Forward Buttons – easily navigate between pages in your browser. Wireless – 2.4GHz wireless reliability and performance via Nano Receiver small enough to plug in and leave connected. For added convenience, receiver may also be stored inside mouse. Ergonomic design – Contoured shape with easy-grip surface makes computing comfortable for hours. Windows 8 Home button – enhances Windows 8 experience – launch applications quickly and easily. Scroll wheel – easily scroll within web browser or documents – no need to move mouse. DPI Button – controls mouse sensitivity. Blue LED Technology – Navigate with precision and control on virtually any surface, including glass, granite countertops, hardwood floors, carpeting and more! *. Zoom feature – easily enlarge fine print or view details within web browser and documents without moving your hand from the mouse

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